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Frequently Asked Questions

Back-Up Light or Neutral Safety Switch Kits - Part No. BL-1400U

Can I use the kit for both a back-up light and neutral safety switch?
No. The kit is designed to be used as one OR the other, but not both.
When using your kit as a Neutral Safety Switch, what wires in my car are attached to it?
Neutral Safety Switch breaks contact from ignition key "start" position to starter solenoid. Only one wire is cut for connection.

Column Shift Linkage

Does a Lokar Indicator Kit work with the Lokar Column Cable Shift Linkage?
Yes, all indicator kits are designed to work in conjunction with Lokar's Column Cable Shift Linkage.
Is the Column Shift Linkage Kit available with a longer stainless linkage rod? The 21 inch long rod is too short for my application.
You may order a 26 inch long linkage rod, part number 1832, by calling us direct at 877-469-7440.

Emergency Brake Cables

How do I know what brake cables I need to order?
When ordering, be sure to know what type of brakes are on the vehicle and to what type of e-brake lever or pedal you are connecting. For detailed information, please refer to our Application Chart.
If my Wilwood Brakes have a small drum e-brake in the rotor hat, what e-brake cables should I use?
You should use our Part No. EC-81FU Ford Explorer/Wilwood Explorer Style Rear Disc Cable Kit – black housing, or EC-81FHT for stainless housing.
When ordering Lokar Emergency Brake Cables, what length should I order?
All E-Brake Cables are "U-Cut-to-Fit" with an outer housing measuring 8 feet with 9 feet of inner cables. If longer cables are required, you may order special lengths.

Engine Dipsticks

How do I know what dipstick to order for my small block Chevy engine?
If the dipstick is on the passenger side down near the oil pan, you have a 1980 & later dipstick. If the dipstick is on the driver's side and directly under the cylinder head, you have a 1979 & earlier dipstick.
Can I route Lokar Flexible Engine Dipsticks around exhaust manifolds or headers?
Yes, you can. However, we recommend routing the dipstick as straight as possible without touching the exhaust.
What do I do if my engine is not listed on your engine dipstick listing?
Contact Lokar Tech Support for further assistance in ordering dipsticks for special applications.

Floor Mount Shifters

I have a console in my vehicle and I want to keep the original look. What type of shifter do you offer for that application?
Our Floor Mount Shifter is an excellent choice for consoles. You can mount the shifter above or below the floor on the transmission tunnel. You can mount it in the center or offset. Our shorter lever lengths are also a perfect fit for a more original look.

Throttle Pedals

Is there an easy conversion to change my hard linkage pedal over to a cable operated pedal?
Yes, we offer direct fit pedals for specific GM, Ford and Chrysler applications and a variety of universal pedals to accommodate most other applications.

Hood & Trunk Release Kits

What kind of latch do I have to have to use your cables?
The customer must have a cable release latch to be compatible with our kits. We do not supply the latches in any Lokar kit.


Will Lokar Indicators work on any transmission?
Our Cable Operated LED Indicators are available for the specific GM, Ford and Chrysler automatic transmissions that they are designed for.

Interior Door Handles

What type of latch does your Oval Interior Door Handle design require?
The design is for an aftermarket bear claw latch, but may also be used with others.


How do I cut Braided Stainless Steel Housing?
Important: Be sure to remove inner wire before cutting outer housing. Slide ferrule back up the housing and measure for proper length. Tape at measurement and cut housing by using a quality pair of side cutters, a cut off wheel, diagonal cutters, Lineman pliers or fine-toothed hacksaw. Klein diagonal cutters, Part No. D2000-28 (available at Grainger's, Part No. 4A838) work best. Without removing ferrule, slide it back into position and place into aluminum adjuster fitting.
How do I cut Stainless Steel Inner Wire?
We recommend Klein diagonal wire cutters, Part No. D2000-28 (available at Grainger's, Part No. 4A838) or a quality pair of side cutters.
What do I use to mount my throttle cable and kickdown?
Lokar offers a variety of different brackets for carbureted and fuel injected applications. They are specifically designed to mount the Lokar Throttle and Kickdown Cables.
What is a hex carb fitting?
The hex carb fitting on a Lokar Kickdown is the attached stud on the gray plastic piece mounted onto the end of the inner wire. The Lokar name is molded on the side.
What carburetors are compatible with your AOD Kickdowns?
Our AOD Kickdown is compatible with all Edelbrock and Holley 4 barrels that have a hole 1 1/8" below the center of the throttle shaft.
Can I use your TH-350 Stainless Kickdown Bracket & Cable (Part No. KD-2350U) on a Big Block Chevy?
No, but you can use our Hi-Tech TH-350 Kickdown for the Big Block Chevy. You will probably also need to use an SRK-4000 Spring Return Kit to mount it.
Can your Hi-Tech TH-400 Kickdown be used with any TH-400, or only specific ones?
Part No. KD-2400HT can be used with all TH-400 transmissions. The electrical hookup is located on the driver's side of the transmission mid way near the pan rail.
Do I need a geometry corrector to use the Lokar AOD Kickdown Cable with my Edelbrock or Holley carburetor?
With the Lokar AOD Kickdown Cable you will not need to use a geometry corrector when using an Edelbrock or Holley carburetor. The carburetor geometry is accounted for in the design of the cable.

Midnight Series™

Do you have any parts that look "factory"?
We now offer most of our product line in our Midnight Series™. Steel products are black powder coated and aluminum products are black anodized.

Mounting Brackets

Do you offer a mounting bracket for the Demon Carburetor?
If you have a 4150 style Demon carburetor you can use the Lokar Stainless Steel Throttle Cable Mounting Bracket and Return Springs, part number SRK-4000. If you have a Street Demon carburetor you will use the Billet Aluminum Throttle Cable Mounting Bracket for the Street Demon carburetors, part number TCB-40SD.


In what gears does the Lokar shifter lock?
Lokar shifters fully lock in Park and Neutral. The lock-out system is designed so that the shifter cannot be accidentally bumped into gear from the Park or Neutral position. You must fully depress button to get shifter out of Park or Neutral.
When using your shifters in a 4-wheel drive application, do I mount the rear bracket to the transfer case?
No. It does not require mounting the rear bracket to the transfer case. You will simply tighten the sets crews in the top middle of the main plate.
What do I do if the car starts in Reverse, but not in Park?
Adjust neutral safety switch as described in the instructions provided with kit.
When changing from one transmission to another, can I use the same shifter?
There is no reason to buy another shifter. Conversion kits are available direct from Lokar. Call Lokar to order a conversion kit for your specific needs.
The Lokar Automatic Transmission Shifters all come through the floor. Are they all considered to be "floor mount"?
No, they are not all considered to be "floor mount". Lokar manufactures several different types of automatic transmission shifters. These are the transmission mount, tail mount, floor mount and the cable operated shifter. When referring to a Lokar floor mount shifter, the shifter is actually bolted directly to the floor pan.
Is the Cable Operated Shifter more versatile than the Floor Mount Shifter?
Each shifter has benefits that will allow it to work in certain applications better than the other one. As a general rule, if the shifter is mounted toward the front of the transmission you will need to use the cable shifter. When the shifter is mounted toward the rear of the transmission you will not see any benefit from using the cable, unless the mounting of the shifter is desired more than 2" right or left of the center line, but otherwise the floor mount will actually work better in a rearward mounting location.
The Lokar shifter that I have has a lever that is too tall or too short. Can I purchase just the shifter lever?
Yes, you can change the lever length on an existing Lokar shifter by purchasing a Lever Replacement Kit in the lever length that you need.

Ford Shifters

What shifter do you offer for a Fordomatic?
For a late Fordomatic 3-speed 1957 or later, with Park above Neutral, you may use an FMX Shifter.
Do you make a shifter that fits a C-5?
Our C-4 automatic transmission shifter works for a C-5.

Shifter Knob Adapter

Am I limited to using a push button in a Lokar Shifter?
No. Now you can use most any aftermarket shifter knob with our Lokar Shift Knob Adapter. The Adapter is designed with the common 3/8-16 or 3/8-24 threads found in most aftermarket shifter knobs. The shifter continues to function correctly, but instead of pushing the button in the center of the knob, you will push the entire knob down.

Speedometer Cables

What gauges and transmissions do your speedo cables fit?
All 5/8"-18 male thread gauges and early Ford gauges with 3/4"-20 female threads. We manufacture speedo cables for GM, Ford and Chrysler transmissions. All speedo cables are "U-Cut-to-Fit".

Throttle Cables

How long are your throttle cables?
Lokar manufactures and stocks Throttle Cables in 24" and 36" lengths. Special lengths are available upon request in 12" increments. All Throttle Cables are "U-Cut-to-Fit".
Can I use your cables with a stock throttle pedal?
Yes. For some applications, you can simply remove the clevis from the inner wire in the kit and mount to the throttle pedal using the ball on the end of the inner wire.
Is there a difference between carbureted or tuned-port cables?
Yes. Chevy Tuned-Port, LT1 and LT4 use our Tuned-Port Cable (1992-1993 LT1 requires Lokar's LT1 Bracket. Purchase Lokar's LT4 Bracket for 1994 & later LT1s and all LT4s).
How do I know when I need to use a Blower Drive Throttle Cable or a Carbureted Throttle Cable when I have a blower set up?
If mounting your carburetor sideways and using Enderle linkage, which is used by all blower companies, you need to use the Lokar Blower Throttle Cable (TC-1000BLD). If the carburetor sits front to back (one in front of the other) you will use the Lokar Carbureted Throttle Cable (TC-1000HT or TC-1000U).

Transmission Dipsticks

What is the difference between a firewall mount and a transmount dipstick?
The Firewall Mount dipstick is approximately 24" in length and allows you to mount it on the firewall or anywhere you would like in the engine compartment. The Transmount Dipstick varies in length according to the transmission application and mounts on the bell housing. The Firewall Mount is the most versatile and is used where there is little room in the engine compartment.
What do I use to seal my dipstick when I install it?
The Lokar Transmission Dipstick is designed with a factory style top hat seal and will not require any additional sealant.
What is the little plastic tube in the Transmission Dipstick kit?
This is a Funnel Adapter to help fill your transmission. Simply insert the aluminum piece into the Trans Dipstick opening. Push your regular automotive funnel into the top of the plastic tube and fill.
If I change my transmission to another type, can I use my same Lokar Transmission Dipstick?
No. Each Transmission Dipstick is gauged for a specific type of transmission. The length of the flexible inner dipstick measuring cable will differ from transmission type to transmission type. We suggest purchasing the correct new dipstick for your transmission.
I have a C-4 transmission that has a pan mounted fill tube. Which dipstick would be the best for this application?
The C-4 pan mounted fill tube is a screw-in style dipstick. We offer both a Firewall Mount and Transmission Mount Dipsticks for these transmissions.

Racing Products

I have an older non HP 4500 Holley Dominator carburetor. Will the Push/Pull Throttle Cable Mounting Bracket and Spring Return Kit work on it?
No, the Push/Pull Throttle Cable Mounting Bracket and Spring Return Kits are designed to be used with later 4500 HP Dominator carburetors.

Miscellaneous Questions

Can I buy Lokar products direct?
Yes, but we highly recommend purchasing Lokar products through one of our many dealers. To locate a dealer near you go to this page or you may also call us toll free at 877-469-7440 to obtain a referral to the dealer nearest you.
I have lost some of the small parts from my Lokar product. Can I purchase replacements so that I do not have to buy a new product?
You can purchase replacement parts for your Lokar products by calling us direct at 877-469-7440.